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The website of the artist Valeriy Chuikov


Valeriy Chuikov was born on March 27, 1949 in Kiev, he is the son of the people’s artist of Ukraine Eugeny Vasilievich Chuikov. In 1963 he joined the Republican art school in Kiev, where he studied until 1967. After graduation, he entered the Kiev State Art Institute’s painting faculty. From the middle of the second year he studied at the studio of monumental painting which he joined at the urging of Professor T.N. Yablonskaya, while his diploma work was done under the guidance of V.A. Chekanyuk. Yet his creative personality was also shaped by such prominent masters as A.M. Constantinopolsky, S.F. Besedin, V.V. Shatalin, A.L. Nasedkin. And, of course, the greatest model for him was his father - Eugeny Vasilievich Chuikov - a classic of Soviet landscape painting. Since childhood traveling with his father across the country, Valeriy learned to feel, understand and love nature, people, life.

In 1976, Valeriy became a member of Union of Artists, winning a highly prized two year scholarship, (awarded only to 20 candidates across all the Soviet Republics) to study under the guidance of leading artists of the time, in Valeriy’s case this was S.F Shyshko. Works created at the end of the training were shown at the All-Union Exhibition in Moscow. Since 1973 he began participating in regional, all-union exhibitions, as well as union and international competitions of painting. In 1974 Valeriy became the Winner of the Kuindzhi Memorial Prize . In 1976 he won the All-Union competition “The best portrait of the last 5 years” in Moscow. In 1977 he won the first prize in painting at the Ukrainian Republican youth exhibition. In 1978 - the second prize at the same exhibition. In 1979 he won the International Youth Festival in Cuba. In 1982 - the winner of the Republican Komsomol Ostrovsky Prize .

Since 1990 he lives and works in the UK, where his works were exhibited at Christie’s auction house and such galleries as Roy Miles Gallery, the Garden of Eden, Francic Iles and Gallery on the Green. Valeriy’s main genres are landscape, portrait and still life while his main milestones are such paintings as “The Tragedy of Chile” (1976), “Che” (1978),“The Holy Prince Vladimir» (1988) and “The Source” (2009).

In 2005 Valeriy Chuikov was awarded for the lifetime achievement and contribution to Human Rights by the United Nations.

Valeriy’s works are included in the National Ukrainian Art Museum, The Russian Ministry of Culture Collection, The State Art Collection of the Moscow Art Academy, British Embassy in Kiev as well as private collections of Archbishop of Ukraine Philaret, Baroness Smith, Chairman of FIFA Joseph Blatter, UEFA President Michel Platini and others in Europe, the USA and Canada.